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Hi, my name is Michelle and I am married to Cory Sarmiento. I have 2 kids of my own and he has 2 kids of his own. our boys Juju and Zayden are 12 years old and our daughters Leilani and Shylah are 15 years old. wonderful kids but at times they are a handful. but we love them.I’m a real fun person, outgoing person and I really enjoy children and animals. that is my passion. If I could I would love to work with animals.

I get along well with everyone and i seem to make people smile when they are around. Me n my husband has a big heart and we try to help anyone that needs help if needed.

Ive had a rocky road as I was growing up. I moved with my family to California for 7 years from 1996-2003. then we moved back home to kauai where I was born I graduated school in California and that’s where my children was born.

in 2006 I met my wonderful husband Cory who Accepted my kids and I accepted and love his kids like there my own kids.

we been married for almost 2 years already and we have so much in common.

we are in the process of trying to open up a business in selling led lights, lasor lights, disco lights and anything to do with lights. we got the products already but i need to make the time to find me a place to sell it from and to get the liscense and whatever I need to run a business.

I made some wrong choices as was growing up, which no one is perfect and I ended up in Jail for one year in 2007. that’s where I met my husband. and because of our past, we are being targeted and cops enjoy harrassing us because we have a history with them and we always fight to protect our rights. but me n cory are tryi9ng to get our life back together but having a really hard time when we keep being harrassed by the cops.  We have a past thats haunting us and we cant get our lives back with out people slandering our name.  people dont believe in change.  and im struggling with no help at all to save my family and my freedom.





9 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. What an incredible story. I’m sorry. I will pray for your family. Shame on Kauai for employing such dirty people in the name of the law. Don’t give up. I encourage you to tell the world. I will pass your story on and tell people to pass it on. Hempey is a very good lawyer but he has to live here. You need a good family law attorney regarding your daughter. Look to Oahu. No more here.


  2. Yes it seems that IF we make mistakes in our youth.. we can be branded for life (as criminals). The saying is; do the crime & do the time.. but the record never goes away & even cannabis possession can come back & bite you (or maybe me) decades later.. “Kia Ora from Aotearoa/NZ”

    take care & best wishes guys


  3. Unless it’s the common law grand jury, you’re probably not going to get justice, unfortunately. I hope you do, but it’s hit and miss.

    youtube Karl Lentz. Learn the law!


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